Led's Get Shooting

A simple shooter with waves of monsters trying to get to the left side of the screen.

Link Overlay Icon

A shell extension for Windows Explorer to display an arrow overlay-icon for junctions and symbolically linked files or directories.

Google Wave Notifier

Notifies using Growl for Windows for unread waves in Google Wave.

Translucent Dark Display

A display for Growl for Windows.

Wii Device Library

A cross platform C# class library that provides an interface to various Wii related devices.


A 2D game-framework made with a co-student with several game-related libraries.


A handy application to quickly search and execute programs.

Dark Forest: The Evil Inside

A Multiplayer RPG created with six students in Java.

Unreal 4 Ever

An award-winning modification on the Unreal series made with a team of just five people.